"My favorite moments are in the classroom, watching students learn or seeing them interact. It is inspiring to witness our education transform kids from the inside out."


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Our common mission at Greenwood School is to provide a healthy educational foundation for every student's intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual growth.

Together, we accomplish this important task by balancing arts, academics, and ethics with equal attention—precisely how children's character should be molded. While modernization and the marketplace demand that we deliver top-notch academics to every Greenwood School student, it's equally important to nurture their inner development and well-being through balanced and humanistic pedagogical approaches. 

Our approach emphasizes "eulogy virtues" such as such as community, compassion, honesty, and service, "resume virtues" like achieving wealth, fame, and status.

Each week as I walk through the school, I see the success of this approach. Students are playing music, painting, reciting poetry, weaving handwork, writing essays about moral choices, and engaging in positive civic actions. And this success continues after our students after they leave our downtown Mill Valley campus.

Greenwood School graduates distinguish themselves in high school and beyond, as independent, creative thinkers who act with integrity and make positive contributions in our world. I invite you to visit our campus and learn more about us. We’d love to meet you.


Shaheer Faltas
Head of School