Greenwood Summer Camp 2017

Weekly from June 19–August 11 (8 weeks)

Monday–Friday from 8:30 am–2:30 pm  • Ÿ Aftercare available until 6:00 pm

Greenwood's talented Preschool teachers, Caterina Cegin and Karla Wood, welcome children ages 3.5 to 6 to attend our summer camp. Children must have previously attended preschool to attend camp. Children enrolled at Greenwood School will receive priority registration. We welcome families who are new to Greenwood School to attend our fun, nurturing summer camp. Our mornings will be spent exploring the natural world around us at nearby Miller Creek Park, as well as many other beautiful spots in the area. We will focus our outdoor time in a variety of summer activities including gardening, water play, and exploration. The rhythm of our mornings will closely follow that of our regular early childhood day with seasonal songs, stories and crafts, and will include an organic snack each day.


  • Week ONE: Fairy and Gnome Homes | JUNE 19–23

On our walks, we will explore the magical Redwood Glen, where fairy and gnome homes are found. At the week's end, children will bring home a gnome or fairy home made from natural and found objects.  Led by Caterina Cegin, Karla Wood, and Mary Moore.

  • Week Two: Butterflies and Bugs | June 26–JUNE 30   

Which fairy doesn't invite butterflies and bugs into their summer garden? Join us as we observe butterflies, bees and ladybugs. Children will bring home an origami butterfly at the week's end.  Led by Karla Wood, Mary Moore, and Leticia Curiel.


Through guided imagery such as butterflies, camels, and snakes, children will experience movement and yoga. This will cultivate tools and techniques for children to center themselves in their growing bodies. Led by Leticia Curiel and Mary Moore.  

Note: No Camp on Monday,  July 3rd or Tuesday, July 4th. Cost is $210.

  • Week Four: Water Ways | July 10–14

We will spend the week creating wee boats out of wood and found objects. Led by Karla Wood, Mary Moore, and Leticia Curiel.

  • Week Five: ELEMENTAL GARDENS | July 17–21

Elemental beings are drawn to beautiful places made for them, especially by children. We will make small gardens by the week’s end to add to your home or yard with herbs, plants, natural and found objects. Led by Caterina Cegin and Leticia Curiel.

  • Week Six: Felted Soaps | July 24–28

The week will include nature walks and water play, where the children will create the perfect antidote to a day of play: wool felted soap made with brightly colored wool and natural soap. Led by Caterina Cegin and Leticia Curiel.

  • Week Seven: Mermaid’s Garden | JULY 31–AUGUST 4  

Children will come along on a seafaring adventure, as we create an imaginary land that a mermaid would be happy to call home. Children will craft their own simple mermaids or mermen to treasure.  Led by Karla Wood.


Bubbles, playdough and slime will be made by your child and might even come home!  Led by Peggy Rock.

Food and Clothing:   

A warm, organic snack will be provided mid-morning. Families provide a hearty lunch, water bottle, sunhat, and appropriate clothing layers.


  • $375 / week (except July 3–7, which is $210).  Full payment confirms registration. 
  • 10% sibling discount available


Aftercare requires a minimum of 3 children per week.

Aftercare Weekly Package Options: 5 hours - $60, 10 hours - $120, 15 hours - $180, 17.5 hours - $210

Advance sign up for aftercare is required by June 5th.