Things here are a tad different – ‘real time’ textbooks, chalkboards filled with expertly rendered drawings of lesson plans, even the kindergarten toys are beautiful. It’s because we believe that a clarity of environment hones a clarity of purpose.

We consider the ability to concentrate a muscle that needs to be flexed so we keep distractions at bay in order to support that ideal. Our teachers treat beauty as an avenue to engagement. You’ll see it in the ‘real time’ textbooks the students create themselves as they explore the material and you’ll see it as the kindergarteners play with toys made of all natural materials.

You’ll also see it in our dress code – while still allowing for personal expression, we tamp down on sparkling, light up, skimpy or otherwise distracting clothing (and yes, that includes most trademarked and big brand advertisements that double as clothes). It’s like our non-uniform, uniform – it just makes things easier.

And finally you’ll see it in our approach to media. While there is eventually room for television, movies and computer games, we believe that young minds need space and time. Time to be engaged, time to be bored, time to just be unencumbered by any other person’s idea of imagination except their own. The more imaginative they are as kids, the more creative they can think as adults.