At Greenwood, we share with the parents a concern for the child’s character and integrity as well as for their growing minds. Most importantly, with the onset of adolescence, the brain undergoes dramatic developmental shifts impacting the student’s executive abilities to which the teachers are attuned. This brain-based learning is a cornerstone of Greenwood’s approach.

Greenwood School emphasizes the wiring of a different kind: the brain.  We deliver a program that lights up the mind.

Top four reasons parents choose Greenwood for middle school:

  1. Class size: The average class size at Greenwood is 15 students, allowing for a true emphasis on differentiated learning.
  2. Teachers: Our teachers integrate ‘how’ our children learn with ‘what’ they learn based on each child’s maturing intellectual, physical and emotional capacities.
  3. NEST : Our Nature and Environmental Studies program fully integrates our scientific education with experiential investigation. We utilize nature as our outdoor classroom one full day each week.
  4. Community: Greenwood is more than a school; it’s a community of deeply conscientious faculty, staff, parents and students.
We looked at public school and decided we wanted something more. We looked at conventional schools and decided we needed something different. What we found at Greenwood was more than a school. It’s a place where our child’s mind is engaged and alive with all the possibilities in front of her.
— Current Parent