Greenwood School is a pioneer in the idea that a healthy approach to media is a mindful approach. In this hyper-connected world, Greenwood is committed to real, live connections – what we feel when we are seen, heard and valued.  Human connection is at the heart of the learning experience.

Although a large percentage of Greenwood parents have a strong high-tech connection, they choose Greenwood because they want their children to develop a rich foundation of experience and a budding capacity for sound judgment, self‐regulation, and abstract thinking before navigating today's media landscape. 

By limiting access to media – TV, computers, social media, video games and the like – we can positively influence what our children experience throughout childhood. The school’s "slow-media" approach reduces the saturation from corporate and marketing interests, and instead allows kids to grow up thinking for themselves. When middles school students begin using technology, they begin a three year digital literacy curriculum to equip them with the skills necessary to be ethical, confident and empowered digital citizens.

We encourage parents to educate themselves about the effects media can have on their children and to become knowledgeable about how these effects change over time according to the age of the child. In this way, parents can feel empowered to make truly conscious choices about the media they share with their children.