Greenwood offers a child-centered, developmentally-based academic program. The underlying premise of our program is that all students can achieve if their needs are met at their intellectual and social-emotional levels and they are held to appropriately high standards.

When learning issues are identified, the school makes every effort to work with parents and outside specialists to determine strategies so that your child can find success at our school. Our Director of Learning Services and Support, Yea Flicker, becomes involved when an additional point of view or expertise seems necessary to help students fulfill their highest intellectual and social/emotional potential.

Services provided by our Director of Learning Services and Support include:

  • Teaming with teachers, parents, and students to develop and implement Learning Plans that meet individual students’ needs
  • Helping teachers design and implement strategies and accommodations to support individual students’ learning styles
  • Referring families to outside specialists for remediation and/or therapeutic, medical, and psycho‐educational evaluations and support
  • Providing resources for faculty that support and enrich their understanding of different learning styles

We work hard to meet the needs of each student, and sometimes students require services that are beyond what we can provide at our school. When this happens, we refer families to outside specialists. We strive to match students with therapists and tutors that will best serve the student’s individual needs and learning styles. The Director of Learning Services and Support and classroom teacher(s) partner closely with parents and outside specialists to create the best learning environment for each student.


Q: How can my child receive a Learning Plan and accommodations at Greenwood School?

A: Students who need a Learning Plan and accommodations must provide complete copies of educational evaluations/testing reports that are less than five years old.

The evaluations must include:

  • The dates of the testing.
  • The examiner’s name, address, telephone number, and credentials.
  • A complete educational, developmental, and medical history relevant to the disability.
  • The names and versions of the cognitive and achievement tests administered.
  • A diagnostic summary of the assessment process.
  • An analysis of the test results.
  • A clear statement of the diagnosed disability, including its corresponding DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) code. Individual learning or processing differences do not, by themselves, constitute a learning disability.
  • A description of the functional limitations of the disability, indicating how the student’s disability affects his or her learning.
  • Recommended strategies and accommodations.


Q: Should I disclose my child’s educational evaluation/testing report?

A: Yes. We request that families send complete copies of educational evaluations and testing, as well as any occupational therapy reports, to Greenwood School’s Director of Learning Services and Support. The information provided in the reports will help us better understand your child’s learning styles, strengths, challenge areas, and needs.


Q: What happens after I send my child’s testing report to Greenwood School?

A: The Director of Learning Services and Support reviews and summarizes the report, creates a confidential Learning Plan and reviews the Learning Plan with the family. The Learning Plan includes a summary of the student’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggested classroom strategies and accommodations.  After the Learning Plan is finalized, the Director of Learning Services and Support shares the plan with the student’s teachers.


Q: My child has not been tested, but s/he is struggling at school. I am worried that s/he may have a learning difference or a sensory processing issue. What should I do?

A: Contact your child’s teacher who can discuss helpful strategies. S/he can also help you determine whether or not to seek advice and/or testing referrals from the Director of Learning Services and Support.


Q: Does Greenwood School ever recommend testing and/or referrals to therapists?

A: Yes. When a student continues to struggle after having exhausted all in-house resources and suggested strategies, Greenwood School may recommend testing to gain additional information about the student’s learning style. Additionally, when teachers see that a child is struggling in certain areas such as attention and focus, behavior, or sensory processing, they will fill out a teacher questionnaire.  This questionnaire will be reviewed by the Director of Learning Services and Support and further discussed in a meeting with the parents and teacher(s).


Q: What about accommodations for the ISEE and/or the SSAT?

A: The ISEE and SSAT, not Greenwood, determines whether or not a student receives accommodations for standardized testing. Any student who wishes to have accommodations on the ISEE and/or SSAT must submit documentation during the 7th grade. Waiting until the beginning of the 8th grade may be too late to receive accommodations.

In general, the requirements for accommodations on standardized testing are as follows:

  • The student must have a documented disability that necessitates testing accommodations.
  • The student must have current (within the past 3 years), complete, and specific documentation that establishes a current need for the requested accommodations.
  • The student must currently receive and utilize the requested accommodations, due to the disability, on a regular basis for school-based testing in the student’s present school environment.


Q: My daughter/son has been tested at their previous school. Will the school send this information to Greenwood?

A: Testing diagnoses and evaluations are confidential and a student’s previous school does not automatically pass this information along to Greenwood when they transfer schools. Similarly, Greenwood does not automatically provide this information to high schools.