In addition to being able to understand and speak another language, Greenwood School children are also introduced to the customs and cultures of the world. Learning a foreign language aids in the development of creative and analytical thinking and in the deeper understanding of English.

Greenwood School offers children in our preschool and Kindergarten programs an introduction to the customs, songs, and cultures from around the world. Spanish language and culture is taught in Grades 1-8.

Spanish, Grades 1-8

The Spanish curriculum is designed to help develop fluency in the Spanish language. The focus is to give children a rich experience in the Spanish language through reading, storytelling and other activities. The Spanish language and culture curriculum gives our students the opportunity to deepen their cultural understanding, and expand the skills and interest necessary to continue studies in Spanish.

In many Spanish-speaking cultures El dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) is an annual event celebrating and remembering ancestors who have passed on. Greenwood students experience this event through stories, and by decorating sugar skulls and other traditional items that are then displayed throughout the school. In addition, the entire school community participates by sharing photos or other items to remember family members, friends or pets who have passed on.