Evergreen Spiral

Evergreen Spiral

Seasonal festivals at Greenwood School reflect the strength in our community and our commitment to learning, working, and celebrating together.  The festivals are times when students, teachers and families come together to experience how the yearly cycle of the seasons create a rhythm that resonates in nature and within us and that nourishes us. We celebrate three community festivals at Greenwood School which mark the rhythms of nature: turning inward (inhaling) in autumn and winter, and expanding outward (exhaling) in the spring.


A number of grades are assigned to host each festival, but we encourage everyone to help to create these beautiful events. Please contact our Director of Festivals for more information if you're interested in volunteering. Greenwood School's Weekly Update contains up to date information on the festivals.


Harvest Festival
Grades: Friday, October 26th
Early Childhood: Tuesday, October 30th

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Grades: Held in October when nature begins to focus its energies inward, we gratefully reap the last of summer’s bounty and begin to make preparations for a colder, darker season to come. There is a joyful, celebratory aspect to this festival. All attendees are invited to put on a costume and live into their imagination. We gather together to share a meal, seasonal crafts and activities, and to celebrate out of a spirit of imagination.





Early Childhood:  The younger children and their families participate in their own age-appropriate festival to celebrate the changing of the seasons with the four elements; earth, air, fire and water. Gnomes and fairies greet Mother Earth with gifts as she begins her winter work. A festive potluck follows. This is a wonderful alternative to the sometimes grotesque and frightening images of Halloween.



Winter Faire
Saturday, December 1st


Greenwood's Winter Faire is a festive wonderland of music, food and fun. The school is transformed so you can walk through a Crystal Cave, meet a Bear in our woods, decorate a gingerbread cookie in Granny's Kitchen or make a beautiful candle centerpiece in the Enchanted Forest. Don't miss a performance of the beloved puppet show or be serenaded by strolling minstrels. Visit the vendor faire - full of unique and artisan goods and enjoy a delicious organic lunch in our cafe. There is something for everyone at the faire!


Evergreen Spiral - Grades 1 - 8
Wednesday, December 19th


The Evergreen Spiral occurs near the winter solstice, the coldest, darkest time of the year. This is when we journey within to find inner light, inspiration, and hope. Parents create a beautiful evergreen branch spiral which transforms the gymnasium. The room is dark except for the candle at the center of the spiral. Each child walks to the spiral center, lights a candle and places it along the spiral as they exit. What begins as a dark room ends as a bright, warm room filled with the light and warmth that each child brings to the spiral. It reminds us that in our darkest moments, light will once again return.

May Festival
Friday, May 10th


Held in early May, just before summer begins, we anticipate and celebrate the peak of the sun’s energy even as our own energy radiates outward.

We honor life in all its forms: the manifesting fertility of the earth—the joy of life itself—and of community. Each grade gifts the assembled school community, including the May Queen or King, with traditional spring dances from around the world, including dances around the May Pole.

Everyone dresses in festive clothes and wears handmade flower garlands that the students and parents create. This festival is held after lunch and homemade lemonade and strawberry shortcake is served.