An emergency preparedness plan is in place at Greenwood School in the event of a catastrophe (fire, earthquake, flood, etc.). 

Please prepare a comfort bag / emergency kit for your child to use, should an emergency arise.  The following is a list of things that you should put into a one-gallon size Ziploc bag and labeled with your child’s name and grade.  During the first week of school, please give the comfort bag to your child’s class teacher.  Greenwood School has food and water stored to accommodate all of the children.



·  A drink (water or juice box that will keep fresh for a long time)

·  Three power bars or similar edible items

·  A photo of you/family/pet

·  An earthquake blanket (silver foil blanket comes folded in small pouch) available at REI

·  A small game or doll

·  A pencil/folded paper/small notebook

·  Small flashlight with batteries installed


IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING SPECIAL MEDICATIONS: If your child has prescription medications, please provide a three-day supply with a physician-signed prescription detailing dosage and frequency instructions to be stored with our emergency supplies. Please put in a separate Ziploc storage bag, label with child’s name and deliver to the school office.