At Greenwood School, we teach the student, first and foremost, how to learn. The main lesson in class is crafted to hone each student’s ability to fully understand the material. The homework load is about developing the executive function to self organize, manage time and do quality work within a deadline. Children who graduate from our school leave with a muscle memory for morals, as well as a finely tuned intellectual curiosity that serves them well in high school and beyond.

Greenwood School emphasizes the wiring of a different kind: the brain.  We deliver a program that lights up the mind.

Top four reasons parents choose Greenwood:

  1. Class size: The average class size at Greenwood is 15 students, allowing for a true emphasis on differentiated learning.
  2. Teachers: Our teachers integrate ‘how’ our children learn with ‘what’ they learn. The material is conveyed with an emphasis on beauty to appeal to each student’s sense of reverence for learning.
  3. NEST : Our Nature and Environmental Studies program fully integrates our scientific education with experiential investigation. We utilize nature as our outdoor classroom one full day each week for every grade.
  4. Community: Greenwood is more than a school; it is a community of deeply conscientious faculty, staff, parents and students.
My child is really seen and understood for who he is – what kind of learner he is, and his personality. He’s definitely been nurtured.
— Current Parent