Early Childhood Education           ages 3¼ - 6

Greenwood School preserves the magic of childhood. Children who complete our three-year preschool/kindergarten program have a healthy sense of self, budding social skills, an interest in learning and a developing sense of respect for others and the environment. Multi-age classrooms reflect the natural groupings found in families, neighborhoods, and communities and promote the development of leadership and social skills.

Kindergarten teachers Peggy Rock and Marcy Summers take a whole-child approach and begin to access the children’s mind through their budding will and active hands. Developmentally, this is where the young child lives – in doing and testing. They trust children to learn through engagement with the world.

Our soothing classrooms have thoughtful toys and activities to entice and develop all of the senses. This hones an ability to concentrate and fosters clarity of purpose. The teachers nourish the imagination and ignite the ever-present wonder in children through music, art, drama and movement. The focus is on pre-literacy, where the children learn to listen, focus and refocus in order to develop the reading comprehension and pre-math skills so necessary for future grades.

Our multi-age kindergarten welcomes children ages 3¼ to 6.



The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves.
— Joseph Campbell