Early Childhood

Our after school program for children age 6 and under is a continuation of the wholesome activities they learn throughout the day, with added outside playtime to disperse that after school energy. It includes a healthy snack followed by activities such as sewing, beading, collage, painting, building with blocks, and dress-up among others.

Elementary and Middle School   REGISTER HERE!

Afternoon activities include choir, orchestra, math club, keyboarding, and coming soon in March ... journalism and circus arts!   What are circus arts? Think gymnastics, theater and comedy all rolled into one, and balancing on stilts! We’re talking tumbling, juggling, aerial arts, scene creation, stilts, and unicycling. The physical activity enhances balance, strength, flexibility and will. The performance aspect increases imagination, team building, confidence and inner strength. And it’s the only circus arts curriculum in Marin!