2018–19 Preschool Tuition

Please call (415) 388-0495 x405 for pricing.

2018–19 Kindergarten and Grades Tuition

Base Tuition

Kindergarten            $25,025

1–2 Grade                 $25,025

3–5 Grade                 $25,550

6–7 Grade                 $26,315

8th Grade                 $26,830


Fee and Deposit Schedule

Student Deposit:  10% of tuition - Due with Enrollment, non-refundable and applied to last month's tuition

New Family Enrollment Fee:  $500 - Per new child enrolled, non-refundable and non-transferable

Late Enrollment Fee: $500 - Per each returning child re-enrolling after February 2, 2018

Tuition Refund Plan:  Required if not paying tuition in one annual payment and optional if paying tuition in one payment. 

Aftercare drop-in:  Preschool/Kindergarten $12, Grades $10 per hour (discounted annual prepaid available)

Incidental Fees and Expenses

All students will be required to pay additional school fees including but not limited musical instrument rental (3rd grade and up), private music lessons (4th grade and up), any additional class-related expenses such as field trips ($100 to $500 per year).

Optional Fees

Commuter bus, hot lunch program, extended day care, and vacation camps. It is our hope that all families participate in annual fundraising to the extent that they are able.


Greenwood School is committed to keeping our educational experience accessible to children of diverse economic backgrounds with a Tuition Assistance program that helps close the gap between the cost of Greenwood and a family’s ability to pay. Tuition assistance is available for students in grades K-8. Approximately 15% of our tuition revenue is designated for tuition assistance, and roughly one-quarter of our students receive some measure of aid.

Tuition awards are granted for one year and families must reapply every year. Families can expect a similar award year-to-year unless there is a change in income or assets. 

Tuition Assistance Process

Complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) through School and Student Service (SSS) on the National Association of Independent Schools website. W-2s and or 1099s must be uploaded to your SSS file by February 8, 2019 and federal tax returns by April 19, 2019

Complete the Greenwood School Tuition Assistance Addendum and return to George Veh in the business office.

Greenwood School’s SSS code is 3355.

Due dates

January 18, 2019 - returning families

 Applicant families should contact the admissions office for details.


Refer to SSS's Parents' Financial Workbook and Instruction Book or refer to their Frequently Asked Questions